Class Getopt::Declare
In: lib/Getopt/Declare.rb
Parent: Object

Main Class


[]   []=   code   each   inspect   new   parse   size   type   usage   used   version  

Classes and Modules

Class Getopt::Declare::Arg
Class Getopt::Declare::ArrayArg
Class Getopt::Declare::EndOpt
Class Getopt::Declare::Punctuator
Class Getopt::Declare::ScalarArg
Class Getopt::Declare::StartOpt


VERSION = '1.22'


clump  [R] 
helppat  [R] 
mutex  [R] 
nocase  [RW] 
source  [R] 
strict  [R] 
unused  [RW] 
verspat  [R] 

Public Class methods


Public Instance methods

Operator to easily return cache of Getopt::Declare

Operator to easily create new value in of Getopt::Declare

Main method to generate code to be evaluated for parsing.

Iterator for Getopt::Declare (travels thru all cache keys)

Inspect cache (not the declare object)

Parse the parameter description and in some cases, optionally eval it, too.

Operator to return number of flags set

Print out usage information

Return list of used parameters (after parsing)

Print out version information and maybe exit