Path: HISTORY.txt
Last Update: Wed Mar 21 17:18:20 ART 2007

1.23 - * Added all samples as Ruby tests, which lead to the discovery

         of several bugs.
       * Fixed silly bug with foundid that would make some parsing not
         work (required parameters).
       * Fixed a silly bug when parsing from a string file, which would
         modify the string in place
       * Fixed a bug in that would make it not parse Rh+ and Rh- in
         cmdline_pvttype demo and other potential regexes.
       * Removed 3 warnings from parsing multiple times.
       * Fixed a bug with cluster: singles not working.
       * Fixed a stack trace bug with optional single text arguments.
       * Improved handling of optional integer/float arguments, leaving
         them as nil instead of 0 as before.
       * Added 'used' function to allow returning the flags that are used.
       * Made CSV demo work again, albeit I am not too happy with the regex.
       * Made Getopt::Declare part of firebrigade.

1.22 - * Fixed some nasty bugs introduced in 1.21, which would cause stack

       * Fixed the use of /bin/env in some demos instead of /usr/bin/env.

1.21 - Incorporated Perl fixes done by Damian in v1.10 and v1.11 of the

       corresponding Getopt-Declare into Ruby.

       * If -p[rompt] and -p[rompt]2 are specified, they are now distinguished
         as separate flags.
       * Documented built-in :id and :qs parameter variable types
       * Added \G to -v flag checker to solve nasty problem with embedded
         args containing -v

1.20 - Added support for using 3 spaces in addition to tabs for

       parameter descriptions.
       Added support for GNU -p, --param descriptions, for easier
       GNU parameter support.
       Fixed help description bug with [ditto] of single parameter flags.

1.13 - Fixed bug that would always match parameters in a case insensitive

       way, as if [nocase] had been used.  This should speed the parser a
       tiny bit.

       [cluster: ...] was incorrectly being printed in help usage.

1.12 - Fixed bug with :+i, :+n, :0+i options not being cast appropiately

       when used in pvttypes.
       Added [debug] option to argument description to turn on debugging.

       NOTE: there is a known bug when using [] within pvttype regex
       definitions.  Problem seems to be related to DelimScanner/strscan.

1.11 - Fixed a pretty bug that was parsing -flags inappropiately and leading

       to slower parsing.