Path: lib/Getopt/DelimScanner.rb
Last Update: Tue Mar 13 05:25:07 ART 2007

A derivative of StringScanner that can scan for delimited constructs in addition to regular expressions. It is a loose port of the Text::Balanced module for Perl by Damian Conway <>.


  se = DelimScanner::new( myString )


  • Michael Granger <>
  • Gonzalo Garramuno <>

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 $Id: DelimScanner.rb,v 1.2 2003/01/12 20:56:51 deveiant Exp $


  • Added :suffix hash key for returning rest (right) of matches, like Perl’s Text::Balanced, on several methods.
  • Added one or two \ for backquoting brackets, as new ruby1.8 complains

Required files

strscan   forwardable